Building Blocks for GRC

July 26, 2018
After speaking with many of our over 71,000 Members and Fans we have learned some amazing things! The first and most important is that most of our Member constituencies have reached out to us to ask our team and their industry peers the following key questions: What can we do to get prepared ...more

Yet Another Definition of GRC; What's in this GRC bag of tricks?

April 26, 2017
When we put out the word to our Members that we were interested in getting their inputs on how they defined, and perceived, a GRC program initiative... we weren't prepared by the overwhelming response of comments and thoughts. This has been a resounding success in terms of upping our ...more

Why Haven't You Registered for Your Tribe?

January 24, 2017
The power of The GRC Sphere is that our network of "Industry Peers" generate what we call "Shared Industry Intelligence". This is a form of ad hoc knowledge that's unsurpassed. It's the #1 reason that we need all our Members to take a part in helping us to build communities where a "tribe" of ...more

The 12 Pillars of GRC Best Practice Work Disciplines

October 11, 2016
When we were asked to create a compendium of best practices for Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) program initiatives we started to think about the numerous areas where companies report difficulties. Topping the list of "risks", which is the way to look at this best practice topic is that of ...more

What is a GRC Special Interest Group (SIG)?

July 18, 2016
Whereas GRC Sphere's Industry Clusters and Executive Think Tank communities are both aligned with vertical industry segments according to NAICS and SIC codes, our GRC Special Interest Groups, for the most part, run horizontally aross industry verticals. For instance, a cyber security Special ...more

Building Our Professional Brand

July 17, 2016
One of the most interesting aspects of today's social media phenomenon is the ability for GRC professionals like ourselves to get our heads out of the sand, take a look around and understand the relationship between our careers and our efforts to define, enhance and promote our professional ...more

Our Video Challenge for our GRCme Brain Trust Members

May 21, 2016
Our video challenge that we are sharing with our GRCme Brain Trust members (i.e. GRC experts who as product providers, service providers or education providers) is an educational strategy that is blended with a video advertizing strategy. We call these edumercials which is an outgrowth of the ...more

Your Organizational Definition of GRC is all that matters!

April 29, 2016
We hope that you are familiar with OCEG's definition of GRC which is depicted above. They have been a guiding force in our industry and we thank them for their great leadership! We fervently believe that every organization needs to arrive at their own definition of Governance, Risk and ...more

Holistic GRC; GRC isn't what it used to be!

April 23, 2016
Have you heard about Holistic GRC? It’s a new concept that our GRC Sphere members and staff are now becoming passionate about because the holistic approach heralds a new era for cross-enterprise program initiatives that focus on the three dimensions of Governance Risk Compliance (GRC). Holistic ...more

Transforming the Role of the CFO

April 22, 2016
Accenture's report on the changing role of the CFO, is of significant importance, we believe, and we want to draw your attention to it. The 2014 report is massive. It's a 60 pager and the highlights are featured in this BLOG post so that you will seach this report out in our Level I and ...more
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